Monday, September 12, 2016

Business Math - Comfort Card INB Page

Not only do I teach Algebra 2, I also teach Business math.  In my business math class, one of my class philosophies is that I allow my students to use comfort cards on their tests.  Other teachers would call them cheat sheets but I call them comfort cards, because the students make them for their comfort during a test.  They are allowed to put anything they want on the card:  definitions, examples, formulas, etc.  The only restriction is that the card is 3.5 x 5in.  So it's not a large amount of space but you would be surprised at how tiny some of my students can write!  :)  My reasoning is that in the business world, we have the time and access to look up formulas and other needed information if we forget something.  Some students love them, but other students chose not to use them.   I also prefer them to open notebook tests as the creating of the card itself forces the students to study by looking over the material for the important items.  (And they just think I'm being nice!)
And in the spirit of INB pages...I had students create a pocket page for the back of our notebook for students to keep their comfort cards in.  This way they always have them to use on every test, especially the midterm and final exam.  I am going to have them write the most commonly used formulas on the pockets themselves for extra space and decorative purposes. 

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