Thursday, March 12, 2015

Algebra 2 INB - Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers

I love teaching Quadratic Equations.  I think it may be my most favorite unit to teach all year.  I'm not sure the kids always enjoy it but I sure do.  :)  I am a terrible blogger.  I do lots of things in my classes that I'd like to write about but never seem to take the time.  (Kids are taking a test right now!)

I teach both a college prep (honors) class and a regular class.  I sometimes do things differently with the regular as I've had time to "tweak" my lesson before I get there with them.

This is the foldable I created to help me teach Complex Numbers to my regular Algebra classes.  I use ALOT of frayer models in my class.  I've found it is a great way to show students what something is or isn't....HOWEVER....A frayer model isn't just for vocab anymore!   This was the way I decided to have my students organize their notes for Complex Numbers. So far, I'm liking the way it is going. 

I made this on a full piece of paper and we will fold it to make it fit in our book.  You can fold it in half, or in quarters to have it open up.  

If you like it and can see a use for it in your class....go HERE to download it for free.