Monday, October 31, 2016

NCTM - Philadelphia 2016

I cannot believe it is finally here!  It seemed to take forever to get here!  So what am I so excited about....I am speaking at NCTM in Philadelphia on Wednesday!  My coworkers and I are lucky enough to be here and Nora Oswald and I were even more lucky to be picked to speak.  We are beyond excited, can you tell? 

Tomorrow will be all about me learning new things and supporting Nora.  She presents tomorrow on Gaming in an Algebra 1 classroom.  Check her out at 3:15 tomorrow if you are at NCTM!

I go on Wednesday.  Check out the write up from the program book.  I feel so professional now!   The room I am in is set up with tables for 120 people....and I only made 75 packets.     Hopefully I will need that many!   

Here are my packets for tomorrow....just in case you want to look them over!  :) 

Don't forget to wish me luck!

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