Thursday, September 1, 2016

Algebra 1 Word Problems Graphic Organizer

Do they every get word problems??  Today I was teaching word problems to my Honors Algebra 2 class.  They always hate word problems, even if they are only Algebra 1 word problems.  ;)

For most students the worst part about word problems is breaking them down.  They don't know where to start.  I've tried several different organizers and methods for helping with and have yet to find a way that I really like....until today!   Today, I went to my go to teaching aid - the Frayer Model.  I use it a lot in my classes.  From defining words to organizing examples, I use it a lot.  (I sometimes think my student's interactive notebooks will only be filled with them someday. )

In the past, I had used an extensive organizer for word problems, but frankly, it was just too many steps.  So I looked at it and narrowed it down to 5 parts, which would then fit on my Frayer model design.   Here is the end result:

If you like, feel free to use it.  Here is a PDF file for you to have:
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