Thursday, August 18, 2016

Did you ever lose your wallet?

On Saturday, I had my car broken into and my purse, with my wallet in it, stolen.  If this has ever happened to you, you know the frustration and heartbreak this is causing.  If it hasn't, please let me just say this....don't leave your wallet or purse in your car where anyone can see it.  Trust me on this.

Whoever did this broke into three cars, breaking four windows in the process.  It was at 10:30 in the morning and we were all about 100 feet from our cars.  They were fast and quiet.  I still can't believe no one heard or saw anything.  It was broad daylight and people were milling about at a softball game.  I was only there 10 minutes probably when they did it.

I am very fortunate that I lost nothing of personal value that can't be replaced.  I lost my favorite purse and my favorite wallet but I can replace them.  It may be awhile until I find another "favorite" but ultimately, they are just things.  I don't carry pictures with me and I did not have any jewelry or personal items in my purse.  Frankly, stealing my stuff is more of a hassle to me than a benefit to the thief.  They got very little cash and I was able to cancel everything before they even had time to look through my wallet. 

I was hoping that someone would find the purses and wallets laying somewhere, minus the cash, but that we would get our id's, etc back.  But almost a week has gone past and I no longer have hope for this.  And so my nightmare of changing accounts, replacing id's, and dealing with all the little details has begun in earnest.  Every day a new little annoyance occurs that I have to deal with.   And from what I hear, my journey is just beginning.  I remember reading once, that you should take a picture of the cards, front and back that are in your wallet.  I really wish I had done this.  I'm still not sure if I missed one. 

So why am I blogging this?  Mostly as a PSA.  I want everyone to take their purses and wallets with them when they leave their vehicle.  Or at least lock them in your trunk where no one can see them.  If they can't see anything they will move on.  There were over 50 cars in the parking lot and only 3 of us were broken into because we were the only ones with visible items.   And know what you have in your purse and wallet.

Protect yourself.

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