Saturday, October 6, 2012

Algebra 2 INB pages

I don't have a ton of "great" pages for this book yet but here are a couple that I really like......
I LOVE this foldable!  I used it as a review of slope with my Algebra 2 class.  I got it from I Speak Math.  She had a download on her website so make sure to visit it and look around.  Again...she is another FANTASTIC blogger to follow!  My students really loved this foldable as a review.  It is so organized and we were literally able to go through the entire topic in about 15 minutes in class.  Which was great because going over the homework always takes so long that having a short lesson was great!
This was my "output" page that went with the slope lesson above.  As we were going through the foldable, the discussion of horizontal and vertical lines came up.  However, I did not cover them thoroughly, so I posed this question to my students and asked them to provide a mathematical explanation as to why these are true.  Not one student was able to put the reason into words.  I had one student get vertical correct and a different one got horizontal.  I was disappointed in the results but realized that THIS is why we need to start having our students write more in their math classes.  In PA, students perform poorly on the state tests as a result of this.  I am hoping that my INB will help change this for my students! 

Having come off the success of the slope foldable, I decided to try and create my own for reviewing the ways to graph a linear equation.  I adapted this from a foldable I had seen online somewhere and thought it fit this topic.  I really liked it and will definitely use it again!

This is the inside of the foldable.  Since I had already reviewed the x/y table in a previous lesson I decided to show horizontal and vertical lines for the x/y table part.  My students were surprised to see what the tables looked like but seemed to get it quickly. 

I wrote the wrong topic at the top of my page!  I was so mad but realized that the topic was on my foldable so it didn't really matter. If you want to know how to create this foldable, check out my Algebra 1 INB pages post.  I explained it there.  It worked really well for this topic.

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