Saturday, October 6, 2012

Algebra 1 INB Pictures here are some of my Algebra 1 INB pages.  Many of the ideas have been taken from Math = Love Blogger, aka Sarah.  If you have time, check out her blog. She is amazingly creative!

My coworker Mary Horvat taught me this song to sing to my classes for adding signed numbers.  It is catchy and the kids love to hear my awful singing!  LOL!

Nora Oswald, of Simplifying Radicals, showed me this foldable she found on the internet. I  used it and loved it!  It is so simple to make too!  You take three sheets of paper, and you can use less or more as needed, and offset the size of a tab.  My tabs are 3/4 inch for this one (I think).    You can find the foldable in a book by Dinah Zinke as well.  I've used it for several different topics as well.  You can make it with lined paper if you want to have the students write regular "notes" on it too.

 I found this book in an online book by Dinah Zinke that was a downloadable PDF. Click HERE to view it. She has a lot of amazing ideas in it.  It is well organized too.

I get to take full credit for this lesson!  The foldable is pretty easy, just a trifold.  It made sense b/c this concept is usually taught in a table format anyway.

I need to change this problem for next year.  I meant to put one of the numbers in percent form but forgot in my rush.  But overall I liked the problem structure.

Sarah, of Math = Love, mentioned using combo meals to explain the distributive properties to her students.  I really liked the idea and used it a bit in the class.  Not quite to the same extent she did but the kids really liked the analogy.  I had my students define terms in the glossary portion of their notebook.  They are also supposed to transfer all definitions from the Frayer Models to their glossaries as well.  My classes are pretty lazy about doing it, but I'm thinking their first notebook check will cure that!

This page went with my lesson on like terms.  I wanted to see if they could apply the abstract to a different type of problem without instruction.  They did great!
I found this Frayer Model on a website created by Lincoln County Math Teachers.  It is a great resource for some foldables/organizer. 

This was the output side to my lesson on square roots.  I adapted the fold from one I had seen on Sarah's Math = Love's blog.  She did it with exponents but it worked well here.  I am introducing simplifying radicals with it.

I tried to give appropriate credit for all of the pages above.  If I missed you for some reason please feel free to comment and leave your website!


  1. I LOVE all the pictures. You know, the 3 minutes we have between classes just isn't enough to see at the awesome things you are doing in you classes.

  2. Welcome to blogging! Your notebooks look awesome - can't wait to see more! :)

    1. Thanks! My goal is to update at least once a week! Not sure that I'll be able to manage more but I love reading everyone's blogs! :)

  3. Thanks for providing these great resources!! I need your help with something, the online book by Dinah Zinke is no longer available, would you mind emailing it to me please? My email address is, I would greatly appreciate it!!