Monday, March 20, 2017

Positive comment from a student....

This story happened awhile ago, but I am just remembering to write about it now....

It is not often that I have a student admit to me that they like my interactive notebooks.   Or rather a male student admit to me that they like it.  :)   A lot of the girls like the organization of my notebooks and several have come back to me to buy a graphing notebook for geometry or precalculus because they want to do it in their next class. They even ask for copies of my table of contents and other papers we use to set up our interactive notebooks.   I know I can't convert everyone but it warms my heart when a student says they like the way my notebook keeps them organized and show me how they are still using it!

This year I had a senior student tell me how much he hated keeping the notebook last year in Algebra 2.  However, he went on to say that he really appreciated it though this year, when he was studying for his SAT's and was able to easily find some topics he had to review in his Algebra 2 notebook thanks to the Table of Contents I have them keep.  I may have done a little dance in front of the class!

This year I have that same student in my Business Math class.  Instead of a graphing notebook though, I have this class just use a composition book.   But because he learned to love my Algebra 2 notebook, he chose to use a graphing notebook instead.  :)  Again....brought a smile to my face.  It's the little things they say and do that make you realize you make a difference.

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