Sunday, January 8, 2017

3 Dimensional Graph Projects = awesome!

So I was a mean teacher!  I gave my Algebra 2 students a project over Christmas break.  I assigned them the task of creating a 3-dimensional graphing system, using a box and the materials of their choice.  I blogged about assigning it before Christmas and now I am posting some pics of some of the final projects as promised!

I have never assigned this before but my students this year were having ALOT of trouble seeing three dimensions.  I fully understand how hard it is to see 3-D on a 2-D piece of paper.  This was my greatest struggle in Calc 3 in college!  Took me all semester to be able to draw washers and cylindrical shells.  My goal was that if they drew the system and graphed a line in 3-dimensions, then they would be able to understand it a little more.   

<<<<  A few students took some shortcuts and only did one octant. Although I did not feel this satisfied, the "system" requirement, I will adapt my rubric next year to ensure there are no more misunderstandings.  
Here are some more examples of my students work.  I think they turned out fantastic!  Especially as they had no model or even internet examples to look at for help. 

 I'm sure I'm not supposed to have a favorite, but if I can....this one would be it.  Maybe because he was the first one to send me a picture over Christmas break.  Or maybe because the line actually looks like a plane, with the axis going through the plane, instead of just a triangle.  >>>

<<<< This one wins best design!  Myself and several of the teachers in my department thought that this one had the nicest look to it.  Especially since he took into account the Christmas break theme!  It would be considered perfect if the axis were perpendicular versus on an angle. 

<<<I love that this student offset the axis to make it easier to build.  Showed some smart thinking!

This one is cool because the student has the x/y plane there to help with understanding. >>>>

If you are interested in completing the project you can find it HERE.

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