Thursday, May 12, 2016

Properties of Exponents....will they EVER get it?

Even though I teach Algebra 2, I seem to spend a crazy amount of time on Properties of Exponents Rules.  When I say I taught it three times this school year, I am not exaggerating!   This latest time is to help review my students for they all important state tests that they have to take in two weeks.  Although I positively HATE state standardized tests, they are an evil we must deal with.  

Since I had already used two other foldables for properties of exponents and I was now in need of a new one, I did what many of us do....I searched pinterest!  :)  And I found this really cool one at Dividing by Zero.  I love the way it looks.  And it was really easy to  use.  However, my students did not find it so easy to make.  :)   The weaving of the paper might have been a little too much for some of the boys.  LOL!  I got reminded several times that this was math class and not arts and crafts.

I love the different colored papers you can use in this foldable.  I made a sheet for students to cut out of the rules and definitions and had them match them together before gluing them down.  Hoping a little hands-on will help make the rules stick! 

Because I had to glue the foldable into my notebook, I lost the use of one column for the back. I purposefully chose the "smaller" rules for the back so I didn't need as much space but I am already planning to adapt this foldable for next year to add a tab on the end that can be glued down and both sides will have 4 rows and columns.  I just haven't figured out if I can keep the paper weaving too!
(Notice my note to myself for the website I scored the idea from?  :)  )

I am hoping that the 3rd time is the charm!  

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