Monday, April 11, 2016

Field Trips

I teach math but sometimes it is nice to just do something out of the ordinary.  I was lucky enough last week to be a chaperone on a trip to NYC with my school's Spanish Club.  Now I don't speak Spanish (I only remember how to count in Spanish.  Sorry, Senor!)  But I did have a great time!  The food, the city, the culture, and the kids were just amazing! 

My group had 7 students, 4 of whom I was fortunate enough to have taught at some point.  And I was lucky enough that they wanted to explore.  As this was my first trip to the city, I was excited to see everything we could squeeze in!  The highlight of our trip though was visiting GMA.  We got up and went to stand out front at 5:30am.  Thank heavens for Starbucks!  We were invited backstage to listen to the band the Lumineers and even made it on screen, although you really have to squint to see us in the corner of the TV.  :)   After the band played, Ginger Zee came over and took pictures with us.  She is absolutely the sweetest person! 

Other highlights:  touring Times Square, Central Park, and a ballet.  We ate amazing food, and had many laughs.  What a great perk to my job! 

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