Thursday, February 11, 2016

Intro to ThisGraphing Quadratics Foldable

I have a few favorite designs for foldables.  I love a door foldable and I love a tabbed foldable.   Both of these are just great ways to organize multiple pieces of information about one topic.   For my foldable on graphing quadratics, I used a 3-door foldable, but had the doors fold down.  I left a little area at the top for a title, so that they don't fold the paper directly in half.  By this time of the school year, my students are so used to my foldables, I don't even have to tell them what to do!  :)

I use this foldable in conjunction with my Frayer model for quadratics.  It usually take 2 days to cover this with my regular class of Algebra 2 but I can do it in one day with my CPAlgebra 2.   This is just the overview and then I do an additional day for graphing using the intercept/vertex methods.  Next year I want to add in a lesson on to help support the graphing portion.  I will probably do it as a review for this year though.  If I do, I'll blog it.  :)

In the picture below, I define parabola as the shape of a quadratic but when I taught it, I didn't like it and changed it to the graph of a quadratic....which do you think is preferable? 

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